Color Me Curly

Quality Curlies At An Affordable Price.

Our sales page was just updated November 10th so check in and see what we have available!


Color Me Curly is a small family-owned curly farm.  We've been breeding quality curly horses since 2002, and are licensed ABCR breeders.  We believe that the perfect horse shouldn't break your bank, so we offer quality curly horses at affordable prices.  Curlies are a wonderful rare breed, and we'd be more than happy to introduce you to our curly herd.  Here you might just find the perfect horse, and your new best friend.

All of our horses are kept up to date on shots, worming, and hoof care.  We also include a recent coggins and health certificate for each horse at the time of sale.  Any paperwork or forms will be filled out and sent along, to make the registration and/or transfer as easy as possible.
We imprint our foals at birth, and handle them daily.  We get them used to having their feet handled, being rubbed all over, and standing quietly for vetting and worming.  This is the best time to start a horse on the right path to becoming a great horse.  And why settle for less?  During the first few months our foals are exposed to a variety of things, from cats & dogs, to tarps and blankets. By the time they are weaned they are trained to lead, load into a 2 horse trailer, stand tied, and stand quietly for shots & worming.  There is no reason that a weanling horse (of any breed) should not do these basic things.  A well-handled horse is a happy horse!
We are currently cutting way back on our herd.  It's been a lot of work over the years to take care of 2 farms, and we'd like to take some time off from the horses for awhile.  I want to make sure that they go on to great homes, so check with me on what you are looking for.  Right now you can get a steal of a deal on some high-quality curlies, at very low prices. 

Email us at for more information on any of our horses, or to set up a time to visit our farm.  You  just might find your new best friend!